We offer a broad range of secular studies to students, that develop their skills and interests. In the Ashley Schaffer Early Learning Centre, students benefit from a combination of explicit teaching and student-led investigation that enable the cognitive and emotional growth needed for learning the essentials of reading, writing and numerical skills.

罢丑谤辞耻驳丑辞耻迟听Primary School, students complete听a rigorous听curriculum to equip them with the skills for life-long learning.听We offer a broad range of opportunities to students of all abilities and provide an inclusive education model, that makes use of small group work activities and individualised learning journeys. The teaching methodology and approach to learning is carefully selected to ensure it is developmentally appropriate, highly engaging and constantly challenges the students, keeping them in the zone of proximal development, which encourages them to learn to do things unaided. Our approach is evidence and research-based, making use of current, cutting-edge approaches and both investigative and enquiry models of learning that keep pace with change. A combination of interactive whiteboards, iPads, PCs and laptops are used across the years to ensure that students acquire digital literacy and technology skills progressively throughout their schooling. Targeted use of personalised online programs such as Brightpath tracks progression and capability in literacy and mathematics. A Gifted and Talented program is also offered, with some requiring screened entry for students. Selected students participate in courses which include, amongst other activities, philosophy, passion projects, entrepreneurship, code-cracking, the development of higher-order thinking skills and mathematical problem-solving.

In the听High School, the learning environment is similarly designed to maximise student potential and achievement. Students have access to a range of subjects, taught by engaged, highly qualified and respected teachers.WACE subject choices include English and English Literature, Mathematics Specialist, Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Applications, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, Media Production and Analysis, Human Biology, Physics, Physical Education Studies, Chemistry, Politics and Law, Finance and Accounting, Business Management and Enterprise, Economics, Modern History, Religion and Life, and Hebrew. Our High School students perform highly in their WACE subjects, and the School consistently ranks at or near the top of the lists published each year.Most of our students achieve high academic results and enrol in their preferred tertiary studies program.

Students looking at post-schooling options can make use of our dedicated .

For all of our students, assessment feedback is given continually to students through a rather than waiting for end-of-semester reports. This feedback process provides students with a clearer understanding of the expectations on them and the skills and understanding they need to display.