We invite you to consider leaving a gift in your Will to 国标麻豆视频APP to give the gift of a Jewish education to future generations.

Remembering Carmel in your Will impacts not only the current staff and students but can have a lasting impact that ripples through generations of Carmel students. Tuition fees alone will not secure the long-term future of 国标麻豆视频APP, as they pay only for operational costs. The School鈥檚 existing facilities were achieved through the generosity and foresight of past and present community members.

We would love to talk to you and hear about the areas of our work you would like to support. Bequests and donations can go to a range of initiatives at the School, including specific academic programs, scholarships, building funds and the Jewish Education Fund. All donations are gratefully received and, together, contribute to the ongoing prosperity and success of our School.

The below information sheets will provide you with a starting point for how to remember 国标麻豆视频APP in your Will.

Will information for Donors

Will information for Solicitors

For further information or to notify us of your planned gift please contact:

Jacinta Sirr-Williams
Head of Community Engagement and Development
(08) 9375 4315