Julia Creasy

Q&A with Year 1 Teacher and K-2 Coordinator, Mrs Julia Creasy

What attracted you to teaching?

Initially I was attracted to teaching as I had studied music extensively at school and wanted to go into a profession that allowed me to use my music skills. Once I entered the profession, I discovered a plethora of reasons to love it.

You鈥檝e taught across the private/public school systems. What do you see as the 鈥楥armel difference鈥 within the local educational context?

The difference is in the level of care and dedication we extend to every student in the school. That level of care exists in all corners of the school. It鈥檚 a team approach to ensuring that every student is flourishing.

As a teaching professional, explain how you go about drawing the best from each child as they progress on their learning journey and how the Carmel environment facilitates that.

I know a student cannot learn until they feel they are in a trust filled environment. To create that, I work really hard to develop a relationship with the students and their families early in term 1. Once we know each other really well, the children trust that I am there to support them through challenges and are willing to take risks to make fabulous discoveries. It鈥檚 these discoveries and overcoming challenges that produce amazing success and progress. This is a philosophy that is completely supported at Carmel. We are encouraged to take the time to get to know the students. Year One is a big change from Pre-Primary. We are supported to make ourselves available to the children for care and support from the moment we walk through the school gates and until we leave at the end of each day. After all, the children are the reason we are all here.

What makes Carmel different or special to you?

As a non-Jewish member of the school community, the most striking feature of Carmel is the warm, loving family atmosphere. I love walking through the school gates each morning and being able to say 鈥渉i鈥 to past and present students and families. I really feel as though I am part of the Carmel family. The staff are all so welcoming and generous with their time. It鈥檚 so special that Old Carmel students come back to visit in the primary school on Friday lunchtimes. We also adore welcoming old Carmel students into the Year 1 classroom to volunteer. It really extends the family feel.

Is there anything else about you that you鈥檇 be happy to share?

My life outside Carmel can get a little hectic.听 The Creasys are an active bunch. We are very involved in the sport of triathlon and spend many, many of our waking hours swimming, riding and running. On the weekends, we spend even longer swimming, riding and running, plus racing at a number of beautiful locations around WA. It鈥檚 a family-friendly sport: both of my children as well as my husband and my two sisters are also keen triathletes. Needless to say, I go to bed early at night and I sleep very well!